Simple Worship

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Simple Worship

Still Under Development

SimpleWorship is a work in progress with no current public release.

If you are a developer, feel free to contribute on github!

SimpleWorship is a free, open source, church presentation software.

The end goal here is a simple, easy to use, and free church presentation software that is cheap to deploy, pluggable for easy extensibility, and easy to use for volunteers to might not be as tech savvy.

Our Motivation

This project was started for two main reasons:

  • We were tired of walled garden, proprietary and hard to interact with software for churches.
    • As the “technology people” at our churches, we want to be able to automate and simplify workflows, and make it extremely easy for volenteers to use the software.
    • We wanted flexibility and cost savings whenever possible, not relying on proprietary software to have the feature we want, but instead having the ability to, with a little time, add it ourselves.
  • We felt compelled to use our tallents to serve the local church, and this is one way we can do that.

Display Clients

Find out about various display clients that can be used with SimpleWorship


How to install SimpleWorship

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